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August 2021 Nickel & Surcharge Update

August 2021 Update


Thanks for reading the Ram Alloys Monthly Nickel and 316L s/c update, intended to help our valued customers make educated business decisions.


316L s/c Hits 10 Year High:

  • August 2021 316L s/c = $1.46/lb. the highest since September 2011.
    • And...we are projecting an increase for next month.
    • How long will this run last? Nobody knows, but we believe the story will become much clearer in the coming months.  Stay tuned for updates!!!



Current Takenickel projections Jan


We may be closer to price normalization than we think. The Labor Market should relax soon, rumors of Section 232's modification could be realized, and China is increasing efforts to combat inflation (see article below). That said, a depressed US Dollar may throw a wrench in these plans (see chart below).

 Molybdenum Spot Price update:

  • Skyrocketing prices have settled and started decreasing.
  • This could be a macro indication or false hope, time will tell.

 However, any impact of decreasing moly will be offset by rising Nickel, which has recently hovered around $9/lb. If Nickel breaks double digits, and holds, that will be trouble.

Yearly/Monthly 316L s/c and Ni Charts


30 Day USD Index (down) V. 30 Day Ni Prices (up) 




Molybdenum...returning to Earth???



Industry News  

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