416 Stainless Steel Supplier

416 stainless steel (Cond-A, HT) is a martensitic type of stainless steel alloy with excellent machinability characteristics. Condition A grade 416 round bars have been annealed, while the HT variation of this standard grade has undergone heat treatments. This gives the metal added strength and outstanding efficiency during machining applications. Both are excellent choices for production tasks demanding reliability and high-volume output, and these metals are widely used in the manufacture of gears, valves, nuts and bolts, pumps, and electrical motors.

Performance Characteristics of 416 Stainless Steel Cond A & HT

416 stainless steel is preferred for applications demanding a strong, non-seizing, non-galling metal that is machine-ready. It displays good resistance to mildly corrosive conditions, including:

  • Exposure to fresh water & steam
  • Exposure to organic substances & materials
  • Exposure to less intense acids

The heat treatments used to strengthen grade 416 HT affect its ability to resist oxidation. As such, it is important to make careful assessments of final usage conditions to ensure it will retain its performance characteristics. It is not recommended for use in highly sulfuric environments.

416-grade alloys are often referred to as the first class of free-machining stainless steels ever developed. Their incredible versatility in machining applications makes them suitable for a broad range of tool types, feeds and processing speeds. When properly deployed, these stainless steel grades can effectively eliminate production crashes caused by hard spots. Machinists find these alloys very easy to broach, thread, ream, mill, drill, tap, and turn.

At Ram Alloys, we carry 416-grade stainless steel round bars in both random and customizable lengths. We are uniquely able to fill customer orders on very tight turnaround times, and offer 24/7 customer service as part of our unique value proposition. For questions about the suitability of this metal for specific applications, or to obtain a fast, free estimate, please contact a Ram Alloys representative.


416 Stainless Steel Chemical Composition

UNS: S41600 / TYPE: 416 

 Carbon (C)Manganese (Mn)Phosphorus (P)Sulpher (S)Silicon (Si)Chrome (Cr)
Min       0.15   12.0
Max 0.15 1.25 0.06   1.00 14.0


416 Stainless Steel Mechanical Composition

Grade   UNS NumberTensile Min (psi)Yield Min (psi)Elongation Min %Reductions Min %Hardness BHN
416 S41600          
Cond-A   70,000 40,000 20 45 223 Max
Cond-T   120,000 100,000 17 45 255-302



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