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Stainless Steel & Nickel Alloy Value Added Processing

Standard-grade stainless steel and nickel alloys are specially formulated to display reliable and quantifiable performance characteristics in applicable conditions. However, it is often necessary to enhance or alter these characteristics through the use of value-added processing techniques. These techniques make a given alloy stronger, more resistant to certain chemicals and corrosive agents, and better able to meet the demands of difficult and demanding environments.

At Ram Alloys, we specialize in value-added alloy processing. Our technical team has proven experience and impeccable credentials. We deploy a comprehensive set of processing techniques to ensure your product is delivered job-ready and maintains strong performance across its lifespan.

Processing Options for Custom Product Specifications

Our expert technicians offer the following types of alloy processing:

  • Centerless grinding. This machining process is preferred when specifications demand the removal of raw material from a length of stock which tight OD, surface finish, and straightness tolerances must be maintained.
  • Production saw cutting. We offer comprehensive production saw cutting capabilities at our state-of-the-art Houston facility.
  • Boring. Used to alter the diameters of holes and openings, boring processes create raw materials that perform with greater accuracy and precision.
  • Honing. Honing techniques are used to create precise, customized close-tolerance internal diameters (ID).
  • Heat treatments. Many alloys can be made harder, stronger and more environmentally resistant through the application of thermal heat treatment techniques.
  • OD turning. Create unique and customized shapes and fittings with the deployment of OD turning techniques.
  • Trepanning. This technique allows us to implement wide-gauge diameter holes in stainless and nickel alloy stock materials.

For questions about these processes, or to submit custom specifications for an alloy order, please contact a member of the Ram Alloys sales team today. 

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