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Stainless Steel & Nickel Alloy Pump Shaft Quality Bars

Ram Alloys is a leading provider of stainless steel & nickel alloy pump shaft quality (PSQ) bars as well as custom bars that have been specially processed for high performance. PSQ indicates turned, ground and polished shafting used in rotating applications. The treatment to these bars leads to a tighter diameter tolerance by reducing the effects of wear while maintaining optimal functionality. Straightening treatments also enhance the performance of PSQ bars, ensuring they create minimal vibration through the entire shaft length. The result is a more efficient, reliable and high-performing pumping system.

What materials are used for pump shaft quality bars? 

What industries use PSQ bars? 

Additional Value Services

Historically, pump shaft quality bars have been used in pump system manufacturing but more applications now require a tighter diameter tolerance. We are uniquely capable of accommodating customer requests for custom PSQ bars by offering quick and efficient customization of stock PSQ bar products at our Houston facility. If your application demands PSQ bars with non-standard lengths, grades, and/or finishes, we will meet your procurement needs in an efficient manner.

In addition to stocking and producing pump shaft quality bars, we also know how to handle this product since intrinsic PSQ bar characteristics can be altered or diminished by warehouse and processor mismanagement. Contact us today for your PSQ bar needs and to obtain a fast, no-obligation project quote.

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