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Pump Shaft Quality (PSQ) Bar

Ram Alloys is a leading provider of stainless steel & nickel alloy pump shaft quality (PSQ) bar as well as custom bar that have been specially processed for high performance. Pump shaft quality indicates turned, ground, and polished shafting used in rotating applications. The treatment of these PSQ bar leads to a tighter diameter tolerance by reducing the effects of wear while maintaining optimal functionality. Straightening treatments also enhance the performance of pump shaft quality bars, ensuring they create minimal vibration throughout the entire shaft length. The result is a more efficient, reliable, and high-performing pumping system.

Pump Shaft Quality Bar Materials

Pump Shaft Quality Bar Applications

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Historically, pump shaft quality bar have been used in pump system manufacturing, but more applications now require a tighter diameter tolerance. We are uniquely capable of accommodating customer requests for custom PSQ bar by offering quick and efficient customization of stock PSQ bar products at our Houston facility. If your application demands PSQ bar with non-standard lengths, grades, and/or finishes, we will efficiently meet your procurement needs.

Typical Pump Shaft Mechanical Properties

Mechanical Composition Table

GradeUNS NumberTensile Min (psi)Yield Min (psi)Elongation Min %Reductions Min %Hardness BHN
316 S31603 70,000 30,000 40 50 233 Max
416 S41600 100,000 85,000 20 46 207 - 262
410 S41000 110,000 85,000 15 45 223 - 269
17-4 S17400 135,000 105,000 16 50 277 Min
XM19 S20910 135,000 105,000 25 50 325 Max
Duplex S31803 90,000 65,000 25 50 290 Max
Duplex S32750          
Less or Equal to 2"   116,000 80,000 15 * 310 Max
Greater Than 2"   110,000 75,000 15 * 310 Max
K500 N05500 140,000 100,000 20 40 310 Max
Alloy 20 N08020 80,000 35,000 30 50 *


In addition to stocking and producing pump shaft quality bar, we also know how to handle this product since intrinsic pump shaft quality bar characteristics can be altered or diminished by warehouse and processor mismanagement. Contact us today for your stainless steel or nickel alloy pump shaft quality bar needs and to obtain a fast, no-obligation project quote.

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