Nitronic 60 Stainless Steel Supplier

Ram Alloys offers Nitronic 60 stainless steel stock in a variety of shapes including round bars, square bars, hex bars and mill flats. Nitronic 60 is a S21800 stainless steel grade austenitic metal with versatile performance characteristics that make it suitable for a very wide range of industrial, machining, and metalworking applications. It is one of the most widely used stainless steel grades on the market, and is prized for its resistance to galling and wear.

The condition-A variation of stainless steel grade S21800 has been specially processed to increase tensile and yield strength, making it suitable for deployment in conditions where added stability is needed. For industrial businesses, the primary appeal of stainless steel grade S21800 is its comparable performance, anti-galling, and reduced cost compared to high-nickel and cobalt-based alloys.

Performance Characteristics and Benefits:

Specific performance characteristics of stainless steel alloy S21800 include:

  • Elite galling resistance, particularly at room temperature but also in high-heat conditions of up to 1800° F
  • Outstanding resistance to cavitation erosion
  • Good strength characteristics, making it a good choice for generalized & all-purpose applications


Because Nitronic 60 is resistant to galling and erosion, it is a very versatile metal. It is a high-temperature alloy that has a high yield strength. All of these characteristics make it a valuable alloy that can be used for the below applications. 

  • Automotive valves
  • Pins
  • Bushings
  • Bearings
  • Pump shafts
  • Fastening systems

Additional considerations for Nitronic 60 Stainless Steel grade include:

  • Workability:  This alloy is workable, but because of its higher strength, it requires more power and torque than many comparable grades.
  • Machinability: The deployment of coated carbide tools is strongly recommended if you intend to machine this alloy.
  • Weldability: This stainless steel grade is highly weldable using standard fusion techniques.
  • Magnetic permeability: Remains low, even with prolonged exposure to cryogenic temperatures and cold-working processes.

Chemical Composition

 UNS: S21800 

 Carbon (C)Manganese (Mn)Phosphorus (P)Sulpher (S)Silicon (Si)Chrome (Cr)Nickel (Ni)Nitrogen (N)
Min   7.0     3.5 16.0 8.0 0.08
Max 0.10 9.0 0.060 0.030 4.5 18.0 9.0 0.18


Mechanical Composition

 UNS: S21800 

    Grade                  UNS NumberTensile Min (psi)Yield Min (psi)Elongation Min %Reductions Min %Hardness BHN
21800 Cond-A S21800 95,000 50,000 35 55 241 Max


Ram Alloys is a leading supplier of Nitronic 60 stainless steel and offers more than 100 years of combined industry experience. We're here to answer any and all of your questions about stainless steel grade S21800. Call us today to consult a Ram Alloys customer service representative.

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