Nickel Alloy Round Bars

At Ram Alloys, we maintain a strategic inventory of nickel round bars, and our nickel products are available in both random and customized sizes. Nickel alloys have a broad range of applications, and are widely used for the processing, transportation, and storage of chemicals while playing major roles in the oil and gas, and petrochemical industries. These alloys are prized for their outstanding resistance to oxidation and alkaline substances and for their excellent durability across a very broad spectrum of temperatures and environmental conditions.                  

Nickel Alloys Grades and Industrial Applications

Because heat resistance and corrosion resistance are the two most important performance properties to consider when choosing an alloy, nickel round bars lend themselves to a very wide range of end applications. Alone, nickel has a very high melting point, is highly ductile, and contains inherent catalytic properties. It offers outstanding oxidation and corrosion resistance, and it is one of the most easily alloyed metals in the world.

At Ram Alloys, our nickel alloy bar stock includes the following grades:

Each of these alloys is designed for reliable performance in extreme conditions. Specific nickel alloys display a considerable range of performance characteristics and have many different potential applications, and our sales team is thoroughly familiar with these alloys and their industrial uses. As part of our commitment to providing the best possible service in the alloy supply industry, our team offers more than 100 years of combined experience.


Typical Nickel Bar Mechanical Properties 

Mechanical Composition Table


GradeUNS NumberTensile Min (psi)Yield Min (psi)Elongation Min %Reductions Min %Hardness BHN
K500 N05500 140,000 100,000 20 40 310 Max 
400 N04400          
   Cond-A   75,000 25,000 35 * 110 - 149
   Cond-HF   80,000 40,000 30 * 140 - 241
   Cond-CDS   84,000 55,000 22 * 160 - 225
Alloy 20 N08020 80,000 35,000 30 50 *
718 N07718          
   AMS-5662   * * * * 277 Min 
   AMS-5663   185,000 150,000 12 15 331 Min 
API   150,000 120,000 20 35 302 - 375


As a nickel round bar supplier, Ram Alloys has the in-house capabilities to fill even large orders on very tight turnaround times, and our staff is also pleased to offer 24/7 availability to ensure your project stays on schedule. To learn more, contact a member of the Ram Alloys sales team today.

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