Value Added CNC Machining Services & Stainless Steel Honing

At Ram Alloys, we specialize in value-added honing techniques used to create precise, customized close-tolerance internal diameters (ID). Our technical team has proven experience and impeccable credentials. We ensure your product is delivered job-ready and maintains strong performance across its lifespan.

The Ram Alloys team CNC honing process is used to improve surface finish and achieve a precise hole size. Our CNC stainless steel honing process is available to any of our customers who are purchasing from our wide variety of materials, including our stainless steel supply. Typically, the honing process occurs after a bore is made, ensuring that the form of the bore is exact. This creates a more efficient component with less downtime and fewer future complications and/or problems. Our CNC honing, and overall additional services, save our customer's precision time and hard-earned money. 

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