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Credit Application

Please fill out the form below and submit it, or Click Here to download our PDF version which you can fill out and then mail or fax to us.


Company Information
Shipping Address
Billing Address


Authorized Buyers
Accounts Payable



  1. Applicant represents and warrants that the above information is true, accurate, and complete. Applicant further acknowledges and understands that Ram Alloys, LLC (“Ram Alloys”) will rely upon the above information for the purpose of granting (or denying) credit.
  2. Payment terms are Net 30 from invoice/F.O.B. Ram Alloys (except as otherwise agreed); service charge of 1 ½ % per month on past due accounts, or the highest rate permitted by law, whichever is lower.
  3. Applicant expressly consents to and authorizes Ram Alloys, from time to time, to check credit via any credit reporting agency, and further consents to and authorizes any bank or commercial business to give Ram Alloys any information necessary to its initial and any subsequent credit investigation.
  4. This agreement was entered into and performable in Houston, Harris County, Texas and shall govern all transactions between the parties. Texas law controls.
  5. Applicant expressly understands and acknowledges that Ram Alloys is only a material supplier that does not furnish design, metallurgic, engineering, or related professional services. Applicant further expressly understands and acknowledges that Ram Alloys will rely upon technical documents furnished by Applicant (e.g. specifications, drawings, etc.) in connection with any purchase order. Applicant represents it has the necessary authority and rights to use and distribute any such technical information.
  6. Applicant shall immediately inspect and examine materials furnished by Ram Alloys upon receipt and promptly report any defects to Ram Alloys in writing within 10 days of receipt or the minimum time requirements requited by law, whichever is longer. Ram Alloys’ liability is limited to replacement costs. Neither party shall be liable to the other for liquidated, punitive, or consequential damages; lost profits; or lost processing or machine time.
  7. Applicant shall be responsible for any and all sales tax incurred in connection with a purchase order.


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